Working While Studying

Image of a student studying at a desk

Many international students choose to work while studying to earn an income, as well as to gain valuable British work experience to support their professional growth.

Students with a valid Tier 4 Student Visa are eligible to work in the UK while studying. The number of hours a student is eligible to work will depend on the level of the education they’re pursuing. Students enrolled in a full-time program at degree level and above can work for a maximum of 20 hours in any given week. If they are studying below degree level, they may work up to 10 hours in a given week. Students can also full-time during vacation periods: winter, summer and spring holiday breaks when classes are not in session.

Note that students in a master’s program do not get summer vacation. They are expected to study full-time towards their dissertation in the summer, and cannot work full-time during this period. Postgraduate research (PhD) students do not have any specified vacation period. They are permitted up to six weeks of vacation per year, which they can take after getting approval from their supervisor or school.

A student’s Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) will specify any work restrictions a student has. Students should review their BRP when they receive it to verify all the information is correct. Learn more about the Biometric Residence Permit in the Student Visa section of the guide.