FAQS About the Study Abroad Journey

Applying to study abroad can be a confusing and complicated journey. At ApplyBoard our mission is to educate the world through a simplified admission process. Below we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions that we get from students. 

Applying Through ApplyBoard

What is an Acceptance or Admission Letter?

A Letter of Admission, Letter of Acceptance (LOA) or Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) is a letter issued by the school you applied to. It provides confirmation that you have secured a spot to study in your destination country. You can use this letter to apply for your study permit for the destination country.

How Long Does it Take to Receive an Acceptance Letter?

Typically it can take up to 60 business days for an institution to release a Letter of Acceptance (LOA). This timeline can vary greatly, depending on the school, time of year, and destination of choice. Our team at ApplyBoard stays in close contact with our partner schools to try to get you a decision as quickly as possible.

How Do I Get an Offer Letter Through ApplyBoard?

ApplyBoard is partnered with thousands of schools to offer you a seamless application experience. You can upload all of your application documents on our platform and apply to the programs of your choice. We will review these documents to ensure that you have the best possible application, and then send them to the school. We take care of the coordination and follow ups, and will notify you once a decision has been made. After that, we assist you with coordinating the tuition deposit and moving forward with your study abroad journey.

I'm a High School Student Interested in Studying Abroad, Can ApplyBoard Help Me?

Yes! ApplyBoard is not only partnered with top universities and colleges, but also with many high schools across Canada. We do not currently support high school students interested in our other destination countries.

Can I Get Admission Without an English Proficiency Test?

Yes, you can gain admission without an english proficiency test. Students can take pathway programs designed to boost their understanding of the English language in their destination country before starting their academic program. For more information check out the following articles below:

School and Program Information

How Can I Check My Eligibility for a Program?

In order to check your eligibility you must first create an account. Then, you can use the Search and Apply feature to see which programs match your education background and eligibility.

I Would Like to Request Information About a Program, Who Do I Contact?

Please contact studentsupport@applyboard.com to be connected with a Student Support Officer.

As an International Student, Will I Be Able to Work While Studying?

Yes, our destination countries (Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia) all offer opportunities for international students to work while they are studying. For more information about each country's work study options please visit the below links:

What are My Post-Graduate Work Options?

Our destination countries all have different post-study work options. For more information about each country's post-study work options please visit the below links:

How Do I Find Out More About My Preferred School or Program?

To find out more information about your preferred school or program, visit ApplyBoard and search by school or program. Click on the program name to be directed to a landing page with more information.

I Want to Apply for a School That Is Not on ApplyBoard, What Do I Do?

Unfortunately, ApplyBoard cannot assist you with an application to a school that we are not partnered with. We recommend you contact that school directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Application Process

What Documents Do I Need to Apply to a Program?

Each program is unique and will ask for different required documents, that's where ApplyBoard can help. Our system will notify you of each document needed for your application once you initiate an application. For general information on the documents typically needed to study abroad, you can read more here. For more information about each destination market please see below:

Why Does ApplyBoard Request Documents That Are Additional to the School's Requirements?

At ApplyBoard we have a 95% acceptance rate for our students. Our close relationships with our partner schools mean we have some great insights on how to prepare an excellent application—which sometimes includes going beyond what is requested by the school.

How Many Applications Can I Submit With ApplyBoard?

You can have up to 10 active applications on our platform at one time.

How Do I Find Out My Application Status?

To check your application status, please sign in to your ApplyBoard account and visit your Student Dashboard or Applications pages.

What is the Processing Time for Applications on ApplyBoard?

The typical turnaround time to submit a complete application on ApplyBoard ranges from 24 hours – 1 week, depending on application volume at the time of submission. If you are concerned about the status of your application, please contact your ApplyBoard Representative.

What Happens After I Have Submitted My Documents and Paid My Application Fee?

The Customer Experience Team will review all of your documents according to the school's standards. If anything else is needed, they will notify you via the Notes in your application. If everything is ready to go the team will then submit the documentation to the school.

Fees and Refunds

How Much Does it Cost to Apply to Each Program?

Each school and program may have different fees in order to apply. Please check the specific program page of the program of your choice to confirm the application fee. Many of the programs on ApplyBoard are free to apply to and no payment is required.

How Do I Pay for My Application?

You can pay for your application by going to the Applications tab on your ApplyBoard account and clicking the Pay for Applications button. You will then be prompted to provide your credit card or banking details. We recommend using a credit card as the most convenient way to pay for an application.

When Do I Have to Pay the Application Fee?

You must pay the application fee before the Customer Experience Team will review your documents.

What is the Application Fee Refund Process?

If your application is cancelled by ApplyBoard then the application fee is refunded to your ApplyBoard account to be used towards future applications. You can post a Note in your active application to have the amount added back to your original method of payment. If the application has already been sent to the school by our Customer Experience Team, the application fee becomes non-refundable.

How Do I Check the Tuition Fees for My Preferred Program?

To check the estimated tuition fees of your preferred program you can click on the program landing page. The tuition details will be listed on the right-hand side.

What Are the Average Tuition Fees and Cost of Living in Your Destination Countries?

You can find out more about each destination country, including the average tuition fees and cost of living, by visiting our handy Study Guides below.

How Do I Pay My Tuition?

To find out how to pay your tuition please read the instructions listed on your Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and in the Notes of your application. Most schools use some form of online fee transfer system such as Flywire, WesternUnion, or others to accept international tuition payments from students.

When Do I Have to Pay the Tuition Fee?

Each school will have a different deadline for both the tuition deposit and the rest of the tuition payment. These dates will be clearly listed on your LOA. We recommend that you make the payment for your tuition deposit as soon as possible after you receive an offer, to secure your spot in your chosen program.

What is the Tuition Deposit Refund Process?

In order to request a refund please post a Note in the concerned application in ApplyBoard. We have a dedicated team that will walk you through the specific school's refund process. Typically, refunds can take a few weeks so please be patient during this time.

Do I Have to Pay the Tuition Fee in Order to Obtain an Acceptance Letter?

Most schools will first issue what they call a Conditional Letter of Acceptance. This means that you are accepted to the school as long as you meet certain conditions that they set. Sometimes this includes providing official transcripts or additional documentation, but most frequently the condition is to pay a tuition deposit to the school. This is usually not the full amount of the tuition, but a deposit that will secure your spot. Following the receipt of the deposit (and once you've satisfied any other conditions) you'll receive a Final Letter of Acceptance that you can use to apply for your visa.

After You've Been Accepted

When Can I Book My Flight?

You should only book your flight after your study permit application has been approved. A letter of acceptance alone is not enough to legally enter any of our destination countries as a student.

Will ApplyBoard Help Me Register for Courses?

No, the school will send communications directly to its new students on how to register for courses.

How Can I Get My Orientation Information?

Orientation information will be posted in your ApplyBoard account in the Notes section.

Do I Have to Pay to Defer My Acceptance?

Each school has a different policy but generally you do not need to pay to defer.

Visa Related Information

Can You Help Me With the Visa Process?

Yes, we do offer in-house visa services and work with 100s of partners across the globe who will be able to provide local visa support

Can You Help My Spouse With the Visa Process?

If you are using ApplyBoard’s in-house visa services for your study permit, ApplyBoard will also assist with your spousal application. Please reach out to studentsupport@applyboard.com to get started.

What Should I Know About the Visa Process?

For more information on each of our destination country's visa requirements check out the below articles from our study guide.

What is the Student Direct Stream?

Check out this video on our YouTube Channel to learn more about the SDS program.

Additional Information

How Long Does It Take for the Customer Experience Team to Respond to a Note?

Our Customer Experience Team works on a number of applications and will respond to you as soon as possible. Typically you should get a response to your Note within 3 business days.

Does ApplyBoard Offer Scholarships?

Some of ApplyBoard's partner schools over exclusive bursaries to our students. Learn more here.

What Are Designated Learning Institutions in Canada?

A designated learning institution is a school approved by a provincial or territorial government to host international students. All primary and secondary schools in Canada are designated learning institutions.

If you plan to attend a post-secondary school, make sure it is on this list created by the Government of Canada.

I Am Locked out of My Account, Who Do I Contact?

Please contact help@applyboard.com if you are locked out of your account.

I Would Like to Transfer Schools Through ApplyBoard, Can You Help?

At this time ApplyBoard does not help you transfer between schools or programs, but you can discuss with your current school. 

My Agency Applied Through ApplyBoard, Can You Give Me Access to My Application?

Please contact help@applyboard.com and include the name of your agency. They will be able to further assist you.

How Do I Open a Bank Account As An International Student?

A bank account is crucial to have in order to support yourself and manage day to day finances. Learn more here.