The UK Success Toolkit

The UK Success Toolkit is designed to provide you with tools and tactics that will help maximize the efficiency of the application process. These resources are invaluable for international students who want to study in the UK but may be overwhelmed by the application process.

Why Use the UK Success Toolkit?

This toolkit exists to ensure that you are 100% comfortable in choosing the UK as a study destination, are more successful in applying for UK institutions, and are successful at sending your students to study in the UK.

How Do I Use The UK Success Toolkit?

The UK Success Toolkit is divided into three sections, aimed to help you support your students along each step of the process. It comprises a series of flyers as well as a comprehensive presentation, that can all be easily downloaded, shared, and printed.

Comprehensive Presentation: You can use this presentation to show your students a quick overview of studying in the UK as well as the application journey from pre to post-application.

In case you need information sheets (or flyers) for each topic, you can click on the respective links below and access the downloadable pdf files.

Stage 1: Pre-Application

Watch our Admission Requirements and How to Write a Personal Statement videos for more information!

Stage 2: Application (Application Submission to Offer)

  • Stages of Application
    • Mistakes to avoid before submitting your application
    • 5 stages from application to enrollment

Watch our video about How to Apply Through UCAS for more valuable insight!

Stage 3: Post-Application (From Offer to Tuition and Enrollment)

Watch our video to learn How to Provide Financial Evidence when applying to study in the UK.

UK Success Toolkit in Stages

You can also access a consolidated document for each application stage by clicking on the below links.

Stage 1: Pre-Application (Pre-application to Application Submission)

Stage 2: Application (Application Submission to Offer)

Stage 3: Post-Application (From Offer to Tuition and Enrollment)