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ApplyBoard Processing Fee

We are committed to helping applicants from any part of the world access the opportunity for education. At the same time, we want to ensure we deliver students with a high chance of visa approval. Accordingly, ApplyBoard will collect a mandatory $250 CAD processing fee (the “Processing Fee”) from any applicant that meets any one of the following criteria as defined by ApplyBoard (which are subject to change from time to time in ApplyBoard’s sole discretion):

  • If an applicant is older than 27 years and is applying for undergraduate studies;
  • If an applicant is older than 35 years and is applying for graduate studies;
  • If an applicant is from Iraq, India, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Pakistan, or Sri-Lanka and does not meet the minimum English requirements for non-conditional acceptance;
  • If an applicant has an educational gap of more than 8 years;
  • If an applicant has been refused a visa from Canada, the USA, the United Kingdom, New Zealand or Australia (these countries share biometric information with each other);
  • If an applicant is pursuing the same or lower level of education. e.g. the applicant has a bachelor’s degree and wants to pursue an undergraduate degree;
  • If an applicant is pursuing a non-related educational field. e.g. the applicant has a game design degree and is pursuing a Master of Laws; or
  • Passport holders of the following countries due to low visa acceptance rates according to IRCC (EDW)’s student visa data as of Aug 30, 2019: Eritrea, Georgia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Burundi, Angola, Gambia, Congo, Guinea, Ethiopia,Chad, Cameroon, Haiti, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Rwanda, Algeria, Palestinian Authority and Yemen.

Note 1: ApplyBoard reserves the right to modify, refund or waive the Processing Fee in its sole discretion for any reason. The Processing Fee may be added at any point in the application process in ApplyBoard’s sole discretion. Your use of the ApplyBoard Solution following such a requirement and/or change constitutes your acceptance of any new or increased charges.

Note 2: ApplyBoard may also charge a non-refundable deposit for certain programs which shall be determined at its sole discretion.

Note 3: The Processing Fee does not apply to students who are already present in the host country of study and/or present in the host country under a current student visa and applying to another program in the same country .

Note 4: Once a student has paid a Processing Fee, he or she can apply to up to 3 programs, until receiving a confirmation of acceptance. ApplyBoard may charge an additional Processing Fee if the student applies for more than three (3) programs and/or is accepted to one of the original three (3) programs but decides to pursue further and additional applications.

Refund Policy

Refunds will NOT be issued in any of the following cases:

  • An applicant fails to provide any required document to process the application;
  • An applicant’s visa application is rejected; or
  • An applicant cancels / withdraws his or her application.

If not disqualified from claiming a refund by the above, then the Processing Fee may be refunded at ApplyBoard’s discretion, only if:

  • An applicant receives a visa acceptance AND ApplyBoard confirms the applicant's enrollment at the institution; or
  • The application receives a formal rejection from the institution

* Please note that the Processing Fee may be triggered again if further applications are added for the student, subsequent to a refund being offered.


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